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It's a great time to SELL a modern home!



People keep asking me, what is going on in the market?  Where are the Spring listings?  In our office, we are noticing pretty good activity in the market.  Lots of showings, offers going back and forth, the usual.  But something is missing.  The new listings!  I had more activity in January with new listings than I am seeing now.  I have buyers who would pounce on the right house if it came on the market.  But I think would-be sellers are listening to all of the negative press the real estate market in general is getting and deciding to wait to put their houses up for sale. 


The MODERN market has always kind of been its own thing.  These are very specific homes for very specific buyers.  People who buy modern homes are not going to settle for just anything.  We just need more choices out there!  If a house is priced right, it will sell quickly.  No, we’re not getting the crazy escalating prices that we were seeing a couple of years ago.  But Cincinnati has always had a relatively good housing market.  As a matter of fact,


  Money Magazine Names Cincinnati One of the Six

“Best Places to Buy Home These Days”


Money Magazine released a list of the 6 “best places to buy a home these days.”  The website reports that the list is of “The 6 cities where home prices are likely to rise the most - or fall the least - in the next 12 months.”


Money reports that: “The city's manufacturing-heavy economy should benefit from the falling dollar. Commercial building is up, and high-end developments are moving in.”

“It is great news considering the national trends.  The ranking confirms the strength of our housing market.  The Cincinnati Area remains a great place to buy a home, which is one of the reasons why we are so attractive for  business investment,” Mayor Mark Mallory said.


If you own a modern home and are looking to sell, call me!  People are looking for cool houses. Now is not only a great time to buy, it’s a great time to sell!







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