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our salvation army buffet after 26 years of daily use


One of our most cherished pieces of furniture is a buffet found at a Norwood thrift store in 1986.  Shortly after we were married and moved into our first modern house, an eagle eyed new neighbor, Stan Rosemire, called and said that there was a piece of furniture at the Salvation Army that ‘looked like us.’  Intrigued, we ran over to the store and $25 later, the buffet (labeled ‘stereo cabinet’) was ours!  In not so typical thrift store fashion, it was in perfect condition.

But 26 years, 3 kids, 3 moves and countless buffets served later, it was no longer in such perfect condition.  We toyed with the idea of having it refinished, but it was really just the top that was showing wear and it just didn’t seem worth it, especially since it is likely to get spilled on again.

years of serving buffets have taken their toll on the original finish and especially noticeable is the watermark to the left of the tray



Then last week, one of my internet MCM blog reading episodes lead me to two products that promised to ‘restore’ the finish of wood furniture without having to strip and refinish.  After some more searching on the net, I found out that the products, Howard Restore-a –Finish and Howard Feed-n-Wax, are available at Home Depot.  How could I not try it?  There was really nothing to lose.

restoration products used

I applied the Restore-a-Finish (in Mahogany, which seemed from the small sample on the can like the closest color to the teak? buffet) using 0000 steel wool as suggested.  A finish coat of the Feed –n-Wax went a long way to even the tone of the wood an make it look way less dried out.  The entire process with drying time only took an hour.

it only took an hour and I didn’t even have to change into work clothes!

The white water ring on the right side of the top covered over beautifully.  The other lighter and darker (wine?) stains did not fare as well, but overall it does look a lot better.  Not quite the miracle products I had hoped for, but overall an improvement.  And I do feel like the wood is more protected than it was.  Overall, I give the products a C+, and certainly worth the small amount of time and money invested.



the finished product – the white ring is gone! What do you think?



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This is a great post. I have often wondered the best way to put some color and shine back into furniture and now I feel better about what to use!!! I will be trying this out on some furniture that I have. Thanks You for posting!

April 5, 2012 |

Glad I could help! I am anxious to use the products on some other furniture as well.

April 9, 2012 |


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