architourism part VI

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Sometimes, you just have to see what you have to see.  While on our road trip East over the Summer, I decided it would really not be all that much out of the way while heading home to casually drive through New Caanan, CT.  I’ve been entranced by Philip Johnson’s Glass House since I was a kid.  I used to draw pictures of my own glass house creations.  I simply could not be that close to “the house” and not stop by for a look, right?  But as it turns out, we drove through on a Sunday morning, and there were no tours planned.  To top that off, the ‘welcome center’ is no where near the actual house.  But thanks to some on the fly google searching and our GPS, we found it!  Well, we found a massive (and ancient looking) stone wall that seemed like it was miles long, and by some strange act of fate, stopped our car at the exact point where the house was.  Thanks to Kirsten (and her Cross Fit training), she climbed up on the wall for a better look, and got some pretty cool stalker-esque photos!

kirsten on the wall

another modern house across the street from the glass house

more information on the glass house and philip johnson


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