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artist’s rendering of proposed new build by architect lynn adam


Sometimes I feel like we have created a monster, but maybe we are taking too much credit.  Our mission has always been to promote and spread the word on Midcentury Modern architecture, and specifically our incredible MCM housing inventory in Cincinnati.  The demand is certainly there, even if the understanding isn’t.  Sometimes when I see another agent with a ‘mid century modern’ sign rider out front of a house that is obviously not, I have to chuckle.  At least the terminology is out there, and people are trying to understand.

There are Midcentury Homes and there are Midcentury Modern Homes.  And then there is the elusive true Modern Home.  Think Dwell Magazine.  An architectural style that is foreign to most builders, and in incredible demand.  Most homes in Cincinnati that fall into this category are in the million plus range, severely limiting the pool of potential buyers.  The demand – dare I say the NEED – for these homes in the range of more buyers – is evident.   The willingness of the average builder to even consider building homes with one less gable is non-existent.

But I digress.  We do have an exciting new MODERN build to tell you about. And yes, it is over a million.  But it is also a RIVERVIEW property, and we all know that land cost drives the price of any construction.  Location, location, location……..

Architect Lynn Adam spent his architecture career overseeing the construction and re construction of Cincinnati Public Schools facilities master plan.  It paid the bills, but his true love is modern, and his mentor was the world renowned Cincinnati modernist architect and beloved DAAP architecture professor David Niland.  Niland’s influence is evident in Lynn and his wife Pat’s own house.  And it is again obvious in this new to-be-built project.  Lynn has come up with a basic plan to make the most of the site and the view, and disrupt the land and the neighbors as little as possible by hugging the house down the hillside. He is excited about collaborating with the buyer on the amenities and finishes.  What an opportunity to build in one of the city’s last prime residential view areas!


minimalist street view with offstreet parking for 6 cars!

approximation of view. this photos was taken from the next door neighbor’s deck. the view from this house will not be exactly the same and will be unique to this property.


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