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Welcome to our ‘one stop shop’ for all of the service providers you will need for a successful transaction. 



The #1 most important thing when putting an offer in on a house these days is to be QUALIFIED for financing!  Don’t just think you are good to go – know you are by talking to one of these experts and going through the (no obligation + no cost) pre qualification process.  Lending is a moving target and we don’t claim to be experts.  It really pays to talk to someone who is!  These are lenders we have worked with and they are pros:


all around great lenders:

Rob Diederichsen, NMLS# 240830

Prime Lending (513) 720-2279

[email protected] 


Chris Johnstone, NMLS#589834

Branch Manager Regions Mortgage 513-702-1338

[email protected]


Shawn Huss, NMLS#709723

Chemical Bank 513-703-6489

[email protected]


Doug Barnaclo, NMLS#436488

Centerbank (513) 403-3047

[email protected]


renovation financing:

Dustin Swigart, NMLS#681479

Prime Lending 513-907-5766

[email protected]



After your offer is accepted, the next step in the process is to get an inspection.  These are inspectors we have worked with who will explain your new house to you and offer their expert suggestions for general maintenance and repairs.  3 hours spent with one of these guys is an education you will not forget!  Heck, we still learn things by walking through houses with them!  These whole house inspectors will also arrange for your Termite (Wood Destroying Insect) and Radon inspection (if requested).

Terry Haynie

National Property Inspections

513-894-9458  [email protected]


Greg Ayers

Ohiothermal Home Inspection



Rob Wetterstroem

American Verified Home Inspections




Should an inspector bring up a structural issue, or if the house has an apparent issue (very common in hilly Cincinnati!), it pays to hire an engineer to do an assessment.  Foundation issues do not have to be deal-breakers if you know what you are dealing with!

Matt Naylor  513.233.9772

Jeremiah Cole, Cole Engineering 859.781.0784



Did you know you can call Duke Energy and get the average monthly utility cost on any property they service?  You can also use these numbers to establish service in your name (buyers) and order final reads (sellers).

Duke Energy – 800.544.6900

Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) – 513.591.7700



We can help you stage with your own items, and we often can assist with our collection of modern staging items.  But if you need a whole house staged, call the best professionals in town!

Design To Market Home Staging



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