celebrating 10 YEARS of cincinnatimodern

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our new Charley Harper license plate (proceeds used to benefit the Glen Helen Ecology Institute, a Harper favorite)

After 10 years of working with the coolest homes and people in town, we feel we have the ability and the ‘license’ to generalize.

Things we have learned about moddies:

·      They often drive VW’s (or Audis)
·      They wear interesting glasses.  ‘Hipster’ before the term was coined
·      They have Charley and or Edie Harper artwork
·      They tend to be open minded, and interesting to talk to
·      They have very creative children (or are the creative children of interesting modern parents)
·      They have an affinity for cats (the modern pet?)
·      They have a lot of chairs (we first learned this from Chris Magee)
·      Their appreciation of flat roofs outweighs the fear (and they have their roofer on the speed dial)
·      They have all, at one time or another, stopped to pick up something interesting out of the trash

our VW fleet with ‘ohiomodern’ license plates

Other random observations:

·      Children love modern architecture and design
·      Good design never goes out of style
·      You will regret a trendy or contemporary ‘remodel’ ( think mauve, brass and vessel sinks…)
·      Reproduction furniture can be just as good as the real thing if good quality and used for everyday living
·      Super ‘ugly’ vintage formica (and tile) grows on you
·      It used to cost more to frame a Harper print than the print itself cost
·      They don’t build them like they used to

Thank you for all for a fabulous 10 years, and for your continued support!

~Susan and Arlen

Update on Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 11:18AM by

Forgot one of the most striking observations of all – modern folks are WAY more likely to be Mac users!  The incredible form follows function design of Apple products is certainly not lost on us!


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