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CF3er board members susan rissover, chris magee and chuck lohre on the cover of City Beat.       photo by city beat photographer cameron knight

Looking for something different to do this Saturday night?  Why don’t you come to the first ever cf3 swap meet/cookout/movie viewing?  More info is available at, but here is my TOP 10 LIST OF WHY TO COME:

  1. It’s a great place to meet other modern geeks (such as yourself)
  2. You are thinking of joining cf3 but didn’t know when – there is no better time or place!
  3. You are not sure you want to join cf3.  No problem – non members welcome at this event.
  4. You need to unload a piece of furniture or that boomerang formica bath cabinet you picked out of your neighbor’s trash because you could not bear to see it go to the landfill.  It’s a great chance to find new homes for deserving pieces!
  5. You need a ‘new’ boomerang formica bath cabinet to replace the awful Home Depot one that the previous owner added to ‘update’ your bath?
  6. You are hungry (but remember to bring your own food and drinks!)
  7. You are curious as to how and why the Tonkens family built their FLW home in Amberley Village (awesome vintage film about the construction and an interview w/ Gerald Tonkens will be shown).
  8. You’ve heard of Bellevue Hill Park but you’ve never actually been able to find it.
  9. You want to see the work of architect R. Carl Freund with a spectacular view of downtown.
  10. You want to take your own family photo under the coolest mcm canopy in town!

the rissover family, holiday card 2009 photo, taken at bellevue hill park

Also, check out the article about the event and cf3 in this week’s City Beat – we’re on the cover!!


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