streamlining an art moderne (part 4)

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living room and entry with the new chocolate brown cork floor.


There is slow and steady progress at the Moderne.  Arlen and I took our youngest daughter to violin camp in Michigan last week (our ‘vacation’), while our son Trent (home from college for the summer) was busy painting the outside of the house.  Gone (almost) is the icky yellow color.  We opted for a very light grey (Porter ‘Thin Ice’), which Trent insists is white, but it really is grey.  The front door is a darker shade of the same color.  I think both colors complement the new grey roof very nicely.  Trent still has to paint the chimney and the dented garage door is being replaced.  Next up are the new Remcraft bullet fixture over the front door and ‘Neutra-esque’ address #s.  These are the kind of details that really pull a look together and are worth spending a little extra $$.  So exciting!


check out the sleek new grey color palette! Traditionally, Art Moderne homes are painted white, but they also usually have flat roofs. Since we have a gabled roof with new grey shingles, we thought a very light grey would be modern, yet appropriate for the house. What do you think?


the awful dirty yellow garage door and chimney will be gone soon!


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