streamlining an art moderne (part 5)

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I spent a few sleepless nights trying to envision how we could finish the edges of the cork flooring with our radius curved walls.  It’s no wonder these concrete houses were all carpeted!  But I knew some sort of permanent flooring was essential to the integrity of the house – from both an aesthetic and a quality standpoint.  Vinyl cove base was out of the question – certainly not the look we were going for.   I really don’t like molding at all, so for me, the simpler the better.  Our contractor suggested we look into flexible molding.   It’s very expensive, paintable, and comes in literally hundreds of profiles.  We chose a simple ¾” quarter round and ordered it from Huber Lumber in Norwood.  At their suggestion, we went with matching wood molding for the straight-aways.  The two lined up perfectly and saved us about $550 over using all flexible.  Right after these pictures were taken, it was all painted white.  The finished look is fantastic and the quarter round really compliments the other curves in the house.

Arlen got the new Remcraft bullet light fixture up over the Crestview front door.   Next up, the address #s!

Trent finished painting the exterior – he did a fabulous job.  Once an artist, always an artist!  Painting has turned into an excellent summer job for him.  He just finished some touch up painting for another one of our clients.  At $10 an hour, it’s a win/win for everyone!  Beats the heck out of working at Taco Bell!

This weekend, Arlen and I are going to work on putting together a ‘dream laundry room.’  I can’t wait – it’s going to be fabulous!  Stay tuned for more progress…..


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