streamlining an art moderne (the final chapter)

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All of the last minute details have come together and the house is finally ready!  Being the modern geek that I am, check out some of my favorite modern touches in these photos:


After an exhaustive search for a plain, modern mailbox came up empty, I decided to make my own. This is the box I bought at Lowe’s.


And this is the box after I attacked it with a can of Rustoleum Aluminum spray paint and covered the ‘fleur de lis’ holes with a piece of adhesive foam cut in the shape of the diamonds on the block wall (I traced the shape, then reduced it 50% on our home copier). Not bad!I

love how by extending the counter from edge to edge with the curved walls, it created these nooks for garbage and recycling cans.

LOVE the original midcentury bath cabinet with ‘galaxy’ Formica and aluminum pulls! The cabinet and original banded sink were in excellent condition. We put in a new faucet and voila! Looks great!

The block screen wall turned out great and gave the side patio some needed privacy and modern bling. We also planted this beautiful Crepe Myrtle tree to give some needed shade.

And because I can’t resist – here are a few of our favorite before and after photos:

patio – BEFORE


patio – AFTER


kitchen – BEFORE – there are no words for this wallpaper…..or the gunge on the cabinet!


kitchen – AFTER


laundry room / furnace – BEFORE


laundry room / furnace – AFTER – by concealing the NEW furnace and hot water heater behind these ventilated doors, it makes a much more finished space – and quieter, too!


laundry room – BEFORE – the ginormous laundry tub took up half of the dreary room!


laundry room – AFTER – honestly, I saw SO much potential in this room, it was the most exciting project in the house! It’s an office – laundry – mudroom all in one!


entry – BEFORE


entry – AFTER


THANK YOU for taking this journey with us!


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