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Architourism has become a favorite pastime of ours.  One day soon, when we are ‘empty nesters,’ we will take our much anticipated trip to Palm Springs for Modernism Week.  Until then, there are plenty of destinations within driving distance of Cincy.  Last summer, we finally made it to the Farnsworth House near Plano, IL.  As luck would have it, the house was not open for public tours on the only day we could make it.  So we booked THE FARNSWORTH EXPERIENCE tour, which was supposed to be a small group tour with a guide.  Turns out, we were the only ones who signed up that day, and we got our very own PRIVATE TOUR of the house and grounds with tour guide Larry Simon.  It was one of those surreal experiences where you pinch yourself and can’t believe you are there.  Or maybe that’s just me….

So that I don’t repeat what you probably already know, here are our eternal questions:

  •     It really is a one bedroom, two full bath house with NO closets.  What was Mies van der Rohe thinking?
  •      How did a house that is so far out in the middle of nowhere end up so close to the highway?
  •     Why did they build it in such an obvious flood zone?
  •     Were Mies and Dr. Farnsworth having an affair?

Please enjoy this slideshow presentation of our rainy (and cold) July ’13 visit to IL.  If you are planning your year’s excursions now, I highly recommend a trip to see the Farnsworth house.  You owe it to yourself!  You be the judge…


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