the year without a santa claus

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I’ve never been a fan of long, dark winters.  Give me a holiday season and a couple of decent snows, and I’m good to transition to Spring.  The thing that has kept me going through the last 25 winters is the golden tuna dangling at the end of February every year.  The coveted 20th Century Cincinnati Show and Sale led by venerable antiques guru and Grand Poobah of 20th Century collectibles, Bruce Metzger (insert bow to the sensei here).  Over the past quarter century, this show has grown into a huge regional – and quite possibly national – sensation.  A who’s who of Midcentury design and quite simply, the best collection of midcentury objects and the coolest people all in one place, over one weekend in February, in Cincinnati.  I’m sure Bruce never dreamed his show would grow into the place to see and be seen!

Planning for the show starts the previous fall, and when the writing on the wall was not looking good in October 2020, Bruce asked for input from his seasoned show vendors/participants (us included) as to what a pandemic version of the show would look like.  Ultimately the very difficult decision was made to cancel the 2021 show, even before we knew what a virulent turn the virus would take this winter.

So here we are, the last weekend of February all dressed up and no where to go.  There is a sense of sadness and loneliness and longing for the people we see every year, and the things we didn’t know we needed. To all those friends and clients and friendly faces who stop by our booth every year, we miss you!  To all the dealers struggling through this unprecedented time, we feel your pain and long to support you.  And to Bruce, we hope you are enjoying a well deserved break and will be re-energized for the 2022 show!

Here is a slideshow of shows past and goodies galore <heavy sigh>   Hang in there everyone!


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