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cincinnati enquirer, july 30, 1965

What an architect means to us?!  Where do I start?   I found this little nugget during a deep dive researching Richard Peacock, the original designer of our Clifton listing at 843 Clifton Hills Terrace.  1965.  A time when good design was valued.  And celebrated.  When the local paper covered local architecture.  Sigh.  

On a happier note, and completely coincidentally, the top photo in this picture is Siddall Hall, the dormitory where I lived my freshman and sophomore years at the University of Cincinnati.  In the foreground is the Siddall Caffeteria where Arlen and I met in 1980. The designer of our soon to be unveiled NEW WEBSITE, Pam Roberts, founder of Zero-Gravity Solutions, lived right down the hall from me in the dorm.  Although we had no idea at the time, the good design was not lost on us! 

me outside my freshman dorm on move in day 1980 – wearing my favorite calvin klein jeans 😉

Arlen and me (in 2016) standing on the sight of our first kiss – right outside the Siddall cafeteria!


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