you can’t always get what you want…

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but if you try sometimes well you just might find

you get what you need

master bath, after


kids bath, after


I have to keep reminding myself that form truly does follow function. I tried for years to find vintage looking (if not actual vintage) faucets for our 4 obsolete (but still in great condition) bathroom sinks.  After ordering the Danze faucets and second guessing myself (see previous blog post), I ordered the only period appropriate alternative – the Kohler Triton.   And wouldn’t you know, although the hole configuration is right, the Kohler faucet happens to be a ‘reinforced’ commercial faucet, and has metal sleeves that go over the supply lines that are TOO LARGE for our sink holes.  Argh!!  Looks like the Danze was our only option after all.  Good news is that the faucets are in and running, and are extremely functional with the touch down drain and high arc spout for much better access to the sink. (who knew that’s why they make the high arc faucets!?).  So although they do not look vintage with the high arc, they are modern, they fit, and they are huge functional improvement over our icky old faucets.  Not a win-win, but a win.  We certainly got what we needed.

the troublesome hole config of our 57 year old sinks. pardon the plumber’s putty!


after all that, the kohler doesn’t fit! Not exactly sure when this design is from, but we have seen them in properties dating back to the early 60″s, and they are still in production today.


LOVE this pic I swiped off our friend Adam’s facebook page. Not sure what is cuter – the kitty or the sink/faucet/formica combo in this 1963 MCM gem featuring the Kohler Triton!


no more obsessing – faucet chapter closed!


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